ArtDecor Sweden is run by Ola Sivhed and Ola Förster. A collaboration which started at the end of the eighties. Our trade-craft is inherited, and carries with it a responsibility and a pride in quality which seems to have been forgotten by many of the operating companies today. With time has our approach has led to an increased engagement as interior designers, garden designers and colour/esthetic/historical style consultants. That said it is decoration painting which lies closest to our hearts. With almost 25 years in the business it gladdens us to know that our work is represented in many corners of Europe.


The aim of our collaboration has from the start been to create decorative interior painting of the highest quality, everything from frescoes, angel-ceilings, historically-styled divisions, murals, trompe´l oiel (illusion painting) to refined modern decoration painting. We provide a unique solution for every client. As many clients prefer a low profile discretion is a matter of honour for us. Through our years of collective experience and the knowledge we have inherited from the generations before us we can guarantee our clients the best that decoration painting has to offer.


The time is now right for a new type of decoration
painting with new forms and colours. We are prepared
for this new era with many ideas and new materials.
Modern architecture allows a more adventurous and
daring solution when it comes to decoration painting.
We are sure that the meeting between the
decoration painters skillful hand and the artists
refined solutions in collaboration with the architects
thinking will pave the way for a new era in the
history of style.