Ola Sivhed...

...lives in a small fishing village called Brantevik with his wife Anna, daughters Alva and Rut, and Boxer dog Pollock.

Works as:
Artist and decoration painter, and also as illustrator, interior designer, consultant, scenographer, lecturer and garden designer.

The last five years I have worked exclusively as an artist. It has been a fantastic journey which has reformed my personality and approach to life. It has been a luxury to be able to use my acquired skills and experiences to express new thoughts, ideas and emotions.
Ola Förster's and my decoration painting has reached new heights since we re-united almost a year ago. Separation from each other has allowed us to develop in ways which we see as new strengths to be used in the future. Our work as decoration painters now leads more often to overall responsibility for projects and commissions, covering everything from furniture to technical solutions and functions. Our motto has become esthetics and function.